Debbie Copeland is a native New Yorker. She grew up on Hering Avenue in the North Bronx. Gifted as a child Debbie has been writing short stories, novellas, plays, and poems since the age of seven. Throughout her childhood, she wrote plays that she and her friends performed every summer for the entire neighborhood. She is the author of The Kids at Latimer High, which received great reviews, including one from Deborah Gregory, best-selling author of The Cheetah Girls.
Her new YA fantasy book, THE LEAFWING, is the first book in the Leafwing trilogy.
She currently resides in Los Angeles where she is working on the second book in the LEAFWING  trilogy. Debbie's other loves are reading YA fantasy, YA Contemporary, Jane Austen period novels, musical theater, vintage fashion, and arts & crafts.