"A thoughtful novel about learning to balance complex social situations, especially recommended for school or public libraries that serve African American communities."

Midwest book review

"A young adult novel set in the Boogie Down—the explosive landscape from which I sprung; rest assured Rosalyn, Lauren, and Kevin are the kind of characters that Keep it moving, while speaking to new schoolers coming up today in a language they understand."

Deborah Gregory, Best-selling author of The Cheetah Girls.

"A great read for anyone struggling to find the difference between what is right and what is easiest. Told in alternating points of view, this is an enjoyable, engaging tale that will have you anticipating the next book in the series when you're finished.", jennifer wardrip.

"Copeland has crafted well developed characters who endear themselves to the reader. Teens will find it easy to relate to the story, as it touches on real life issues and has an authentic feel."

The Rawisistaz Reviewers.