Going to Lewis Latimer High used to be easy for Lauren O'Neil. As long as she stayed on the honor roll, got the juiciest stories for the school paper, and made sure her silky thick flip reigned amongst all the other girls at Latimar High, things stayed as smooth as a White Castle's vanilla shake until the day she got the assignment of a lifetime: to interview Kevin Johnson, Latimer's star quarterback, the finest boy in the Bronx, who was up for grabs by every girl in the school, including her best friend Rosalyn, who makes a move for Kevin. And in doing so, violates just about all of Lauren and her Girlfriends' do's and don't codes to live by. In fact, as the competition heats up, Lauren breaks a few friendship codes herself. With a sudden bitter twist, life at Latimer High isn't as easy as it used to be.

The Kids at Latimer High


    • ISBN-13 : 0981660202
    • Publisher : Whirlabout Publishers 
    • Publication Date : 03/01/2008
    • Pages : 276 pages
    • Age Range : 13-18 Years